A Crossdressers Secret Garden

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It is our hope to provide you with helpful information regarding "Crossdressing". This site was started as support for the wives and girlfriends of crossdressers with the hope to help them better understand their Transgendered partner. However over the last ten years it has grown to include not only the wives and girlfriends but all those who are Transgendered and looking for understanding.

Although our main focus will be providing the wives & girlfriends with information to help them better understand crossdressing, we will also be providing information for those of you who are transgendered as well.

Come join us as we stroll down the garden path together, learning, understanding and enjoying everything this lifestyle has to offer.

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In searching for Groups on Crossdressing I found very few dedicated to Crossdressers, and their Wives or Partners. This group, in 11 years, has grown into a place where we have discussed the issues that not only we as their Partners are facing, but also dealt with the issues they may have.

The purpose of the Secret Garden is to support the partners of those that are Transgender come to terms and integrate Crossdressing into their relationships. 

IF you are a GW (genetic woman) looking for answers, or a Crossdresser needing help on how to come out to your mate, please let us know that by stating so when you join the group.

This web site is dedicated to my lovely "partner" Becca , without whose guidance these pages would not have been possible. Even though she is and always will be the "Man I married" she is and will also always be "A Lady" to me !

I Love you Sweetheart !


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